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Burley Lodge Equestrian Centre
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Welcome to the Burley Lodge Equestrian Centre website

Website and Facebook
Bridget, Jenny and the whole Burley Lodge team welcome you to the Burley Lodge Equestrian Centre website.

On this website we have placed

1. Fairly static information that is important and useful for you to know about, that we expect will be updated every once in a while. Examples here include items such as the riding and livery facilities, standard prices & ownership

2. Quite dynamic information on training, classes and other fast-moving activities like events and competitions. Although most of this information is accessible on this website fairly quickly, we are very keen for you to be able to access information earlier where possible. To make this happen, sometimes the first place where some of this information may be posted is at our Facebook page at

Facebook and Instagram are also where you will find the chat, the laughter, stories and pictures of what is happening today in the yard, at the arenas and out on the fields. The informal Burley Lodge online community at

If you require any assistance, have any questions or would like to provide feedback on our use of the website and Facebook, please speak with any one of Bridget, Jenny, Sian or another member of the Burley Lodge team.