View our horses in this gallery taken at Shinfield in Berkshire

Burley Lodge Equestrian Centre
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Poppy 16.3 HH German warmblood type
Poppy is one of our more advanced horses who loves jumping and competes locally.
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DILLON 15.2hh cob cross.
Dillon is one of our staff horses, who enjoys competing in our in house shows with his owner Kayleigh.

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Molly 12.3 HH welsh type
Molly excels with the intermediate to advance rider. She is a schoolmistress on the lunge. She is a very talent jumping pony.
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PEBBLES 11 hh Welsh Section A
Pebbles is possibly the cutest pony in the world who looks like a stuffed toy!! She just loves all children and is a great lead rein pony and is really improving in the class lessons.
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GUINNESS, 15.1HH Irish Cob.
. is perfect for beginners to more advances riders. He has a lovely temperament and really enjoys life

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THOMAS 15.2hh Irish Sports
Thomas is an Irish Sports Horse and is very important for our student training and for the more advanced rider.
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Mango 13.1 HH Gelding

Mango is a great pony with a wonderful temperament, perfect for our intermediate riders.
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Georgie 16hh Mare
Georgie is a good warmblood mare working well on the flat and loves jumping & hacking
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BENJI 14.2 HH cob type
Benji is a valued member of our riding school team. He challenges the more advanced rider and loves jumping and hacking
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BROWNIE, 16HH Irish Draught cross.
Brownie is one of our full liveries. He enjoys going out competing & to sponsored rides with his owner.
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DUKE 14.3 HH
Duke really enjoys his jumping with more experienced people and is a great intermediate riders pony.
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ECHO 16.1 HH Gelding
Echo is new to Burley Lodge on a staff livery. He is currently out competing at British Showjumping (BS) events and doing extremely well. 
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DANNY 15.1HH Connemara
Danny is a very valued member of the team and now working well in all areas. He thoroughly enjoys his jumping.
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OLLIE, 17HH Irish Draught.
Ollie takes all abilities of rider, from beginner to Stage 4 but he really loves show jumping
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SIDNEY 16.2 HH Gelding
Sidney is a member of the working livery team at Burley Lodge and has a gentle temperament and loves a fuss
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Rusty is a RSPCA pony who has excelled with us at Burley Lodge, becoming a valued member of our team, teaching many young children to ride
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SHEBA 15.1 HH Mare
Sheba is a great school master and a great asset to us at Burley Lodge. She has a kind temperament and enjoys jumping
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EBONY 13.1 HH Fell.
Ebony is the perfect schoolmaster for children learning to ride especially into canter. He enjoys hacking and competing.
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TOMMY 16.2hh Irish Draught Cross T/B
Tommy is on working livery with us but his owner is thoroughly enjoying eventing him. He is very active part of the student and staff training and available for the more advanced rider.
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Murphy 15.3 HH Gelding
Murphy is talented on the flat and excels at eventing. He thoroughly enjoys all his work.
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TOPAZ 14.2 HH Gelding
Topaz is a more senior member of our team but only in age!!! He is the perfect pony for the complete beginner and our more advanced rider.

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TOBY 13.2 HH Gelding
Toby is a great asset to our team being a very versatile pony. He really enjoys his jumping and is an amazing hacking pony.
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SEBASTIAN 15.1hh Cob
Sebastian has come to us in later years but still works extremely well on the flat and excels at jumping
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BONNIE 14.2 HH Mare
Bonnie is a great member of the team, being able to teach people to ride and having great fun with our more advanced teenagers jumping, to hacking quietly with our adults.
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BONO 17HH Gelding
Bono is on full livery with us. He is regularly out competing at BS. He has the most amazing temperament.
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PEPSI 15.2 HH Mare
Pepsi has joined the team on a working livery. She works well on the flat but thoroughly enjoys her jumping.

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OLIVIA 16.2 HH Mare
Olivia joined the team at Burley Lodge after a glowing show jumping career, having won at Hickstead, she is now enjoying a quieter lifer training students and helping the more advanced clients with their jumping.
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Ruby 15.2 HH Mare
Amazing school mistress. Ruby is just a delight to ride for all levels from novice to advanced dressage riders
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COLEY 15.1HH Gelding
Coley is the perfect school master, fantastic for learning to ride, but he also has the ability to work extremely well on the flat and enjoys his jumping.

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Freebie 14.2 HH Bay Mare
Freebie is at Burley on full livery.  She is a lovely competition pony, who loves to jump !
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Ted 15.3HH
Ted is on full livery and part retired, but is still full of life

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Monkey 13 HH Welsh section c
Monkey is great at jumping and a real school master

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DARCY 15.2 HH Cob
Darcy is a fantastic school master, teaching from beginners to the more advanced.He is perfect when learning to canter and he especially loves his Cross Country
MAY 15.3HH Welsh Type
May is one of our more advanced horses. She especially loves jumping with the more experienced riders. .
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MOJO 15.1 Gelding
Mojo has a lovely temperament and is a fantastic school master with talent in all the riding disciplines
Casper 16hh Irish Sports Horse
Casper is on full livery with us at Burley Lodge, he has a lovely temperament and is a talented horse in all areas of riding.
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BLUEBELL11.2 HH Welsh.
Bluebell is becoming a valued member of our team after coming to us as a youngster. She has now taught many young people to ride.