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Loaning your own horse or pony

Loaning at Burley Lodge
Many of our horses and ponies at Burley Lodge are loaned.  This is an excellent way of owning your own horse without the responsibility of daily care. As part of a loan agreement we take care of your horse or pony each day, leaving you to enjoy the less demanding side.  You can be involved as much or as little as you like!
The important part for us is to support you in loaning the ‘Best Fit’ horse or pony to meet with your requirements, in terms of size, ability and temperament.

Look below to see what horses and ponies we currently have to loan
Benefits of Loaning
½ price group lessons per week plus as many lessons as you want with normal discount, including privates.

2 x Free pre-booked organised hacks or exercising per week. We are pleased to allow you to exercise your horse or pony independently supervised by an adult, once a competent level of riding has been achieved

25% off Special Events including hacking at other venues

Opportunity to groom and care for your horse/pony
Loaning Costs
Loaning is for a minimum of six months, with two month’s to be paid in advance. After this period both parties can provide one months’ notice to finish the agreement

Under 12 Hands £250.00 Per month
Under 14-2 Hands £302.44 Per month
Over 14-2 Hands £355.34 Per month

Plus and additional charge of £20 per month towards bills

Horses & Ponies currently available to Loan

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